Making Every Day Sacred Animal Communication & Insights With Danika Nadzan
Making Every Day Sacred Animal Communication & InsightsWith Danika Nadzan

New Website Coming Soon!

I'm hard at work on my new website, which will combine my animal communication consultations & workshops with new information and workshops based on my book, "Making Every Day Sacred: Expanding Your Awareness
Of The Sacred In Every Day Life." 
Making Every Day Sacred is available as an e-book on Amazon, under the pen name, "Morning Star." I hope to have it in print soon. My previous book, How To Be A Dog Psychic: Learn To Communicate With Your Pet, is also available on Amazon.
In the meantime, if you would like to schedule an animal communication consultation, please email me at, or call 423-707-7831.
If you are interested in a workshop, I have an Introductory & Advanced combined workshop coming up in Johnson City, TN, in the next couple of months (Sept-Oct 2016). Please contact me for info. Cost is $35 for Intro, $45 for Advanced, $75 for both.
The Animal Communication workshop is also available online, so that anyone with a phone and internet connection can participate! Cost is the same. Online class is limited to 6 participants. If you have several friends who would like to take the workshop, but they live too far to drive to TN, this might be the answer! Contact me for details.
I am also planning to hold workshops in Johnson City based on Making Every Day Sacred, with co-presenter Kenn Lyon, a wonderful friend and healer. If you are interested, please contact me for details.

Contact Danika Today!

Danika Nadzan


Phone: 423-707-7831

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